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A Smart Cable Organizer Giveaway

When you think about giving something to someone, what comes to mind? Something that that person only uses a couple of times and then ends up in the bottom of a garbage can or a gadget that he uses every day and makes his life easier? If you choose the second option then you should start thinking about a smart cable organizer giveaway.

You may be thinking that a cable manager is nothing special, but we are not talking about that. We are talking about a SMART cable organizer, a smart promotional giveaway designed to fulfill multiple functions. Something like a multitool of spies in the movies.

What is a Smart Cable Organizer Giveaway and what are its advantages?

Cable organizers are devices that allow us to sort and organize the cables of one or more devices, such as our hearing aids. These devices can be used from the cable management of a home entertainment system to a complex network of cables in an office. They do not help to separate, organize and control any type of wiring.


The use of cable organizers helps us, in addition to keeping them organized, to be able to identify and protect them, avoiding bends that can cause internal cuts, causing the cable to break down and stop working.


Keep your desk clean and organized

Had enough of all the wires around your desk, TV, mobile phone or computer? The smart cable organizer of Agent Monkey can solve your predicament and guarantee that your cables are organized and conveniently available when you need them. They will help you keep your headphones, chargers, USB cables or other accessories you need most at hand on your desk.


Eco-Friendly, long lasting

Thanks to certified and long-lasting plastic, this cable organizer will save you time and money by increasing the useful life of your cables and frees you from searching for them.


Easy to open and close

A magnetic clip keeps your smart cable organizer tight and closed. The high quality Agent Monkey Multitool for cables fits large and small cables, you will love it.


No tangles everywhere

Today we have cables everywhere, on our desks, in our living room, around our nightstand, in the kitchen, the Agent Monkey Cable Organizer can help you anywhere, at home or in your office.


It's not just a cable organizer, it is also webcam cover

Covering the webcam on your computer is a simple gesture that could save you several troubles in the future. Some think that it is paranoia on the part of others, however, we explain why covering your webcam is something you should do, even if it is just in case. Should everyone cover their webcam when not in use? The answer is clear: yes, when possible it should be covered or disconnected, and there are several reasons to do so.

Webcam hacks, sometimes done to spy, happen very often, even to some devices that could not be activated without showing a light indicating that it is operational.


What’s so smart about it?

The Agent Monkey multitool is an ideal promotional giveaway, because it is not just a giveaway, it is a smart giveaway. Apart from having multiple uses as we have already seen, the Agent Monkey has a chip that works with NFC technology, so you can load all kinds of information about your brand on it. Link your website, your app, contact information, social media, online shop and much more.

Print your logo on a gadget that will become a regular part of your customers' day-to-day life, so your brand will always be present in those who have chosen you. In addition, you will be in the range of vision of all the people with whom your clients or potential clients interact.


And you? Are you already an Agent?