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Cable management - here’s 3 reasons why you need a cable organizer in your life!

3 reasons why you need a cable organizer in your life! 

Let’s make one thing clear, cables need to stay organized. Headphone cables need to be organized and charger cables need to be organized. Just to bring some structure. Here are three good reasons why you need cable management in your life! 

1. Save time and frustration 

There are many reasons why you should keep your cables organized, but the most obvious reason is that it saves you time. If you’re still into cord headphones just like we are, you know the struggle with detangling your headphone cables every time before you use them. It’s frustrating, right? We can guarantee that by using a cable organizer before putting your headphones down in your bag or pocket again, you’ll save yourself not only minutes of your life but also a lot of frustration. 

2. Organization will bring calmness 

Are you an organized person? Congratz! Then you know how much satisfaction there is in having everything around you organized. But for the rest of us, the majority that still hasn't figured out how to keep everything under control, remember that it is all in the details. By simply starting organizing your cables, you’ll discover the feeling of having at least one thing in your life under control. Organizations bring calmness, and we stand by that. Start with a cable organizer and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. 

3. Cable management will stop you from destroying more of your cables! 

The last, but definitely not the least, important reason why you should keep your cord and cables organized, is to give them a longer life. There’s no shame in admitting that you’ve had to throw out a bunch of cables just because you destroyed them by keeping them tangled in a cable salad, trust us, that’s the very reason we started this company. By having a cable and cord organizer you’ll keep your cables from coming together in a, not so nice, cable salad, and thus keep them functioning for a longer time. 

Does the description above match your life situation? Find your solution here!


Use the same product as a webcam cover 

This little multitool will, besides bringing you some order as a cable organizer or cable management, also help you to cover up your webcam. Simply just place it over your webcam and take it off when not using your computer.