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5 Reasons Why You Need the Agent Monkey NFC Smart Cable Organizer

5 Reasons Why You Need the Agent Monkey NFC Smart Cable Organizer

Cable management is one of the essential things you should consider to keep your workspace neat and organized. Anyone running a business will also know that it is primarily an important organizational tool for your facilities, offices and is crucial to business operations, both big and small. The mess of tangled wires or cables strewn at either odd angles or heaps can not only affect you and your employees’ performance, but it can contribute to significant productivity losses and hazard risks as well.

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If you have effective cable management, it can make for a visually pleasing workspace in any kind of business or institutional environment. After all, who would want to keep having unsightly tangles of wires all over the place? Not only that, but it can also help boost your productivity and maximize production and performance at the same time.

On the other hand, cable management is also needed more than the idea of appeal. With the constant expansions and innovations of technology, there is now a need to meet specific requirements regarding wiring or cabling solutions that can be deemed effective enough to manage clusters of cables and hoses into a single bundle only.

Fortunately, Agent Monkey’s NFC Smart Cable Organizer is just what you’re looking for when it comes to your cable management needs. As a smart cable organizer equipped with NFC technology, the problem of tangled wires will no longer be something you should worry about. Instead, this cable organizer will help clear your mess of cables in no time from your home, sports, or business needs!

With this, here are five reasons why you should consider getting Agent Monkey’s innovative cable organizer!


Not only are messy cables unsightly - they can also pose a serious safety hazard when left exposed. Personnel, customers, or visitors might potentially suffer from slip or trip accidents which can lead to severe injuries and probably even lawsuits due to negligence. Moreover, such incidents can damage certain equipment, especially if one accidentally rips wires out of a socket or suddenly pulls computer wires off its designated workstation. Instances like this can cut down on productivity as well.

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Having a cable organizer also helps you prevent unnecessary maintenance or repair costs since wires left unorganized can eventually be subjected to premature wear caused by abrasion. Here, safety can be compromised since such exposed wires also increase the risk for heat damage. In the worst-case scenario, it may also trigger the probability of fire when left unchecked. Power surges through worn-out cables or wires can also cause huge, permanent damages to specific electronic equipment.

Agent Monkey’s cable organizer makes for a convenient device that can help you in problems like these. With it, you can organize your chargers, headphones, and other devices whenever and wherever you are. Moreover, it helps you save time usually spent on untangling cables. With Agent monkey, you can all have your cables ready just within seconds, leaving you more room to spend time on activities that matter more.


NFC Technology Agent Monkey Cable Organizer
Agent Monkey also isn’t your usual cable organizer. In fact, you can do more with it than just cable organizing. This device is also complete with an NFC chip integrated within your phone, allowing you to open apps, store smartphone shortcuts, and even use it as a smart digital business card. This NFC chip has storage of at least 924 bytes and can be written up to 100,000 times. Here, you can store music apps, connect your NFC devices to your smartphone in a seamless manner, allow smart home links, and you can even make digital greeting cards with it. With this feature, you’ll have easier access when it comes to transferring data, and you get to experience excellent access control as well. This NFC technology further adds value to your cable organizer, thereby enhancing its benefits.

NFC Cable Organizer Agent Monkey


cable management cable organizer
This cable organizer also comes with an array of different functions and uses too. Aside from using it as a cable organizer, perfect for your charging cables or your headphones, it can also function as a headphone clip. This way, you’ll avoid seeing the clutter that comes from your tangled headphone wire. Not only that, but you can also use this as a webcam cover either for your phone, desktop, or even tablet. Its multi-tool function makes it a compact essential to carry around as it makes specific tasks relatively more effortless and more convenient across all possible situations.


cable organizer made from recycled ocean plastic

One of the most impressive features of Agent Monkey’s cable organizer is that it’s made up of recycled ocean plastic, including plastic bottles, straws, and other synthetic fibers that are usually found in the sea.

Agent Monkey stays true to promoting a better environment for all by being one in the fight against plastic floods. They are part of an environmental project wherein they recycle polyester for their products, which, in turn, helps reduce energy consumptions and carbon dioxide emissions by at least 80%. Furthermore, it also helps reduce water consumption by a great length.

By using recycled materials for their products, not only do they contribute to the recycling process necessary to help combat plastic pollution, but they also simultaneously help keep the oceans clean from plastic being scattered in our bodies of water.

You can also choose to involve yourself in their #pickabag campaign by simply collecting plastic rubbish on the beach, which can already go a long way to help the environment.


Of course, this cable organizer also comes with an assortment of cute colors you can choose from. Aside from its many functions, you can also make your workspace remain neat and aesthetic by selecting from different designs and hues.

agent monkey cable organizer colors


As an environmentally friendly and convenient cable organizer, Agent Monkey is the bundling solution you need to help transform your mess of tangled wires and cables into neat, organized, and efficient systems. Its features, including the NFC technology chip and multi-tool function, helps provide for easy access and performance to cater to your needs and demands specifically.

Feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries or have any more questions about our product. We’ll be ready to assist and reply to your every concern.