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Sustainable giveaway products

Agent Monkey: Delivering the best quality products with amazing satisfaction

Do you want to buy product online? It takes a lot of time to produce quality products. That’s right…It is one thing to get that done while it is another thing to make sure that the products get to the final consumers. Statistics have shown that some good percentage of quality products may not eventually enjoy the patronage of many final consumers. There are a lot of options for you with the Agent Monkey. Our company is located in a small town in Gotha, Germany.  We can comfortably serve as your advertising medium through which products awareness can be spread. Our Multitool can function in various ways. It can function in cable management where the cable is well and neatly packed together as in your headphones, Webcam covers for personal computers including tablets and many more which will be unfolded as you read through this article.

These are recycled giveaway products made from sea or ocean trash. It is made in Germany and designed to provide maximum security and also helps you to organize your items professionally. This product has a lot to offer you and keep that in mind that product is also patented for its unique purpose.

Top-notch quality products

Ocean trash like plastic straws, plastic bottles and some other synthetic fibers were picked from the ocean and recycled for use. The recycling has gone through a very high technical and top technological process so as to produce products of a very good and high quality. We boast of the best quality products possible ever. The product can function as a sustainable giveaway especially in the area of souvenir. Our products are well designed by our team of professionals. Sometimes, some individuals who may require certain design will be offered such service. But we require such customer to personally contact us for this. In the same vein, our products will provide maximum security for your items thereby ensuring that they are not lost but intact.

Our products will help you to imbibe and further sustain the culture of orderliness and organization where your items are well and orderly arranged. When you make use of the products, you are sure of getting the comfort you need. When you purchase our products, then you have signed up for quality, sustainability, comfort, organization and many more. There is value for your money here.


Some details about the product

The Agent Monkey has some information that may be very vital especially to our esteemed customers. The product can perform the function of cable management where your cable for example, your headphone cables are well managed in an orderly arrangement. Even the cable for your phone charger can be well managed in the same manner. The product is made in Germany with the very best technology you can think about so as to bring about the quality that customers always yearn for. With this quality, the product therefore qualifies as promotional items. The product is manufactured using various colours to appeal to the color and fashion taste of our customers. For an instance, the Cable Organizer comes in different kinds of colours for those who prefer certain types of colours.


The product can be used as a webcam cover for your tablet and laptop respectively. This will seek to secure as well as protect your webcam so that your laptop and tablet can last for a very long time. The product is made from ocean trash like the plastic straws, synthetic fibers and plastic bottles which are recycled for a better use. 


The business-to-business sense

Our product is all encompassing as it transcends personal caucus and also very much useful in the business to business sense. Your personal business can get a little lift when you transact with us. One of the things you can leverage upon is the advertising medium. There are several advertising materials which will help you to advertise your business and thereby create awareness to customers that will need your service. To a very large extent, this is a business helping business. Another way of achieving this business to business sense is when your business or company decides to provide the raw materials that our company uses to make production. Our major raw materials are the ocean trash like the plastic bottles, synthetic fibers and plastic straws which will be picked from the seas and then supplied to us so that we can purchase the trash and then recycled.


The product promises to be a kind of a symbiotic association. This is a situation where both the two businesses will benefit immensely from the mutual transactions. 


The promotional

The product can be used in various ways for different functions. The Agent Monkey is poised to ensuring that every category of people irrespective of their social status and events or functions can be served in a satisfactory manner. We are very confident that you can make use of our range of products as a gift item when you celebrate your weddings, housewarmings, Father’s day, Mother’s day, and so on. If you also require a customized design for these gift items, this is very possible. All that you need to do is to simply make a contact with our office whether physically or through our phone number or email address to make your request known to us. And we shall do as you request.


In the same vein, the product can be used as a promotional giveaway where you promote your personal stuffs, business activity and or social event customized or non-customized design. This giveaway will help you to create the special awareness that you desire. You can ride on our wings as we take you to your desired destination. We exist because of you.


Our range of products

It is true that we specialize in the recycling of ocean trash like plastic bottles, plastic straws and synthetic fibers for use as raw materials for producing our products. We have a range of products which are as stated below:

  • Cable organizer: this helps you to organize your cable in a very proper and professional manner. And this very product comes in various colours to appeal to the fashion of various customers. You can use it to detangle your headphone cables.
  • Agent Multitool: this product performs the function of cable management.
  • Agent Wallet: this product helps you to properly store your cables in a manner that will preserve and protect it for a longer life span without damage.
  • Agent Privacy: in the world of webcam spying, this product will act as a webcam cover for your tablets and laptops. It provides effective and efficient security. It is also important to state that it is often used as corporate giveaways.
  • Agent Ocean Editor: this offers security and comfort as it has magnets with a very strong magnetism that is capable of holding various thickness of clothing materials.

The NFC functionality

The Agent Monkey functionality is designed to be very superb. This makes communication and transaction very easy whether personal or business wise. Sometimes, there is a giveaway with NFC. The NFC features an online shop where you can shop easily without stress over the internet. In addition to that, there is a social media outlet where you are abreast of information. In the social media handle, you are updated on the happenings in the company, including any product or event that will come up. There is the opportunity to customize here as you design your own logo and sent to us to insert it where the logo should be. It is also possible for you to make your payment through the system.

There is an App where transaction and other activities can be carried out. When you just open the App, you will be able to navigate your way to where you want to go and then execute your actions. You can also make an instant call so as to execute your plans in a timely manner.

Customer is king

Any business without final consumers cannot thrive at all. We hold our dear customers in high esteem as we pay close attention to every of their request they place to us. We know what our customers want and we give them the very best that is possible ever. We place a premium on the quality of our products for greater sustainability. With our team of professionals and long year of our business experience in the company, we have been able to gather a lot of positive customer reviews that have given us the boost that we need as we also strive to do better. We stop at nothing to ensure that our customers are well satisfied. When our customers are satisfied, then we are also satisfied. In order to bring our esteemed customers closer to us, we have designed a customer service and a customer feedback mechanism that seeks to deal with any issue, request, query or concern that any customer may have. We shall continue to work very hard to improve and introduce creativity to launch new products with greater satisfaction for all and sundry.



As earlier stated, our raw materials are fished from the seas. We allow these raw materials to pass through a recycling process. The recycled materials are then used to manufacture our products with greater attention to quality, sustainability, security and satisfaction. Apart from these products, the Agent Monkey also renders an advertising service. This smoothens corporate, partnership and business to business relationship. When you have a business that you want to create an awareness for, you can partner with us in this regard. We have been in the business for a long period of time providing personal and business solutions. We are very confident that our range of products will definitely meet your needs and therefore get you satisfied. The NFC functionality will help you to navigate through our various business environment where you have access to various info and also execute different actions necessary.


The range of products come with cheap prices but with a very high quality. The products are readily available. Our customers are very proud of us as we effortlessly meet their needs. We have a large business family in partnership with our business partners. We hold our customers and partners in a very high esteem because together we make it happen.