Your logo | Agent Monkey as an advertising medium

Are you looking for an innovative, useful and at the same time modern advertising medium, which is also absolutely flexible in design? With Agent Monkey, that's exactly what's possible.

Our Agent Monkey Multitool does not disappear like lighters or ballpoint pens in the depths of your customers' pockets, but is always present and "in use" - Our Multitool can be used as headphones clip, cable organizer, webcam cover and many other things.

BYE BYE CHAOS! With Agent Monkey, you bring order, comfort and security to the lives of your employees, customers, partners and prospects. If you are interested in our products with an individually designed imprint, please contact us at any time:

Phone: +49 3621 7333488

For our products, we pay attention to functionality, design and sustainability. Not only our products, but the entire company lives and breathes design, sustainability and inventions. Nothing makes us happier than satisfied Agent Monkey customers.