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Take advantage of the benefits of a giveaway with NFC technology

Technological innovation is also revolutionizing the most traditional strategies in the marketing world. Currently, the most popular actions have to do with offering experiences to customers, called experiential marketing, this is easier than ever thanks to giveaways with NFC technology. In the same way, interaction with consumers in campaigns triumphs. Boosting the scope and profitability of these marketing actions is also possible with this technology.

Creating a satisfactory experience for customers and involving them in the campaigns of any company are keys that help generate brand image. This refers to the consumer keeping the brand in their memory. For this, expectation, surprise and, in general, is generated. anything that helps to impress.

Be part of this new way of marketing

NFC or Near Field Communication technology is fully implemented in mid-range and high-end phones. The phone equipped with this technology connects to a nearby chip (up to 20 centimeters) and allows information to be shared by any kind of medium, from opening a web page to displaying an advertising video. It even makes it easier to control access to events or make payments by just approaching the terminal.


The most important thing to design an advertising campaign based on this technology is to previously know the characteristics of the system and what benefits it brings. Well, it can be used both to offer promotions in exchange for a certain action and to redeem a discount coupon in a physical store.


The applications of NFC are endless. For this reason, creativity is one of the predominant factors when it comes to attracting new customers through this medium. Segmentation can define who to target your advertising efforts.

Take advantage of the benefits of a giveaway with NFC technology

Today the benefits of having an effective promotional giveaway are well known. Being able to represent the value of your brand with a product that not only has an attractive design but is also functional.


Whether it is to give to your employees, clients or potential future clients, a promotional giveaway is a sure option to strengthen loyalty to your brand. Also, if that giveaway is so practical that it becomes part of the daily life of the people who have it, it will become a walking billboard that will capture everyone's attention with your logo on it.


A functional promotional giveaway should stay in people's lives for long, so say goodbye to pens that will be used to write a check or two and then thrown away.


How do I make my promotional giveaway functional? If you've been paying attention, the answer is obvious: with NFC technology.

The Agent Monkey Multitool is a cable organizer, headphone clip, and webcam cover. Not only does it exist to make the lives of your customers easier with your brand on it, the Agent has an NFC chip with which you can take full advantage of this technology to give value and recognition to your brand.


Link your website

Your customers will be inches from your website or your official online shop.


Promote your social media

Follow your Twitter account? Done. Follow your Instagram account? Done. Subscribe to your Facebook page? Done.


Open your App

If you have an official App, your clients can access it instantly with the Agent Monkey NFC chip.


Introduce yourself with a video

What better way for your clients to know who you are? With a presentation video of course. Link your video to your promotional giveaway and make yourself known.


Business card

All the necessary information to contact you. Let your customer hold their phone close to Agent Monkey for a moment and they can contact you in seconds.


Organize your life. Promote your brand. Call the monkeys!