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Environmentally friendly advertising media with NFC technology

Plastic, disposable, throwaway culture? No thanks! If you want to keep up with the times, you have to consider an alternative when it comes to marketing.

The market is increasingly caring for the environment, which also has an impact on promotional materials. The demand for recyclable, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials has increased dramatically and will continue to increase in the future. Choosing an environmentally friendly promotional material is an important step towards more sustainable advertising. Recyclable and PVC-free materials are widely used nowadays for various advertising applications. The selected printing technology (energy consumption and inks) also influences the overall environmental impact of the printed advertising materials.

Although digital products are currently growing strongly, analog print products are still among the most popular advertising media.

So what if we combine digitization with analog print products? What if we used versatile, interactive print products for the next marketing strategy? This strategy is ingenious and actually possible and is called "NFC".

The use of NFC is the most innovative highlight in the industry. But what does NFC actually mean? NFC is the abbreviation for Near Field Communication. In short - printed electronics. This radio standard is used for wireless data transmission between two elements. For example, an NFC-enabled smartphone (nowadays every smartphone) and an NFC chip. Girocards and new credit cards are also equipped with NFC. This makes it possible to pay without having to give the card out of hand.

With Agent Monkey you have the perfect, environmentally friendly advertising space with an innovative NFC function. It is made of vegan, skin-friendly synthetic leather made from recycled ocean plastic and has an integrated intelligent NFC chip. You can have your company logo printed on it and also have the chip programmed. You are now wondering- What is this NFC chip supposed to do? Quite simply: When a consumer sees your logo on our Agent Monkey, this NFC chip transmits data to his mobile phone. This data can be: your website, social media, online shop, company video, open app, business card, instant call, competition or a payment. You will notice how much is possible with Near Field Communication technology.

Would you like to touch and test an Agent Monkey multitool with an integrated NFC chip? Then we will be happy to send you a sample box.

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