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Your Privacy Is At Risk | How to prevent webcam hacking | Use a Webcam Cover

Webcam spying is a growing and very serious problem. More and more devices have cameras that are directly connected to the Internet.

How to prevent webcam hacking

So we know that cameras can give snoopers a look into your private life. What can you do to stop webcam spies?
  1. Cover your webcam, or disable it if you don’t use it - it’s been reported that even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and former FBI director James Comey use webcam cover.

  2. Always use an up to date antivirus, and make sure your firewall is enabled.

  3. Only use your cameras over a secure internet connection.

  4. Keep your operating system, browser, and software up to date.

  5. Don’t click on suspicious links and don’t chat with strangers online.

  6. Be aware of fake emails that appear to be sent from trusted sources and ask you to download attachments, click on a link, or disclose any personal details.

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