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Cable Organizer | Ocean Yellow
Cable Organizer | Ocean Yellow
Cable Organizer | Ocean Yellow
Cable Organizer | Ocean Yellow
Cable Organizer | Ocean Yellow
Cable Organizer | Ocean Yellow

Cable Organizer | Ocean Yellow

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The clever Agent Monkey Multitool with implemented NFC technology.

The new AgentSmart™️ Cable Organizer Multitool is not only super-sustainable and made from recycled marine plastic, but it can also be equipped with an NFC chip that can be described up to 100,000 times. 

Product details at a glance:
      • NFC chip 942 bytes
      • Headphone Clip
      • Cable-Organizer for charging cable
      • Cable Organizer forHeadphones
      • Webcam Coverage
      • Made in Germany
      • Made of marine plastic
      • EcoTex100

    The Smarte Multitoll Clip.

    Our Agent Monkey with integrated NFC chip can organize more than just cables. With the implemented NFC chip, you can open apps in a matter of seconds, for example,Deposit smartphone shortcuts oras a smart "digital business card". This stylish multi-tool always offers added value.

    NFC Technology:

    Agent Monkey contains an NFC chip that has a storage capacity of 924 bytes and can be described up to 100,000 times.

    Storing information on the NFC chip is done via an integrated function in your smartphone or in older devices via loading an app. 

    These and other use cases can be realized with our Agent Monkey NFC Clip.

    • Smartphone Shortcuts
    • Improving the organization
    • Starting apps on your smartphone
    • Smart Home Link
    • Deposit Music App
    • Connecting NFC devices to the smartphone
    • Digital business cards
    • Digital Greeting Cards

    Bye-bye chaos! 

    With Agent Monkey, you bring more than just order into your life. This stylish all-rounder makes your everyday easier in all situations, because it offers comfort, security and order.

    With Agent Monkey, you can organize your headphones and chargers wherever you go-whether at home, at the gym or on the go. 

    Annoying cable salad goodbye! Agent Monkey helps you to save time: instead of approx. 10 minutes of cable untangling, you now only spend a few seconds and you have all your cables organized. This will give you more time for activities that are really important to you.

      Cable organizer, Webcam-Cover and headphone clip in one. 

      Also as a webcam-cover, Agent Monkey makes a great figure. Thanks to its multitool function, it can also be used as a cover for the webcam of your laptop and tablets.

      The fight against the plastic flood! 

      The material of the Agent Monkey consists of recycled plastic bottles, plastic straws and other synthetic fibers that have been fished out of the sea.

       By using recycled polyester for our products, we not only focus on the recycling process, but also contribute to cleaning our oceans from the plastic bottles distributed in the water.

      Better environment, better tomorrow!

      The recycling of polyester also means a reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 80% In addition, it helps to significantly reduce water consumption.

      Since each individual contribution is crucial to protect our seas from plastic pollution, you can contribute a part to the conservation of our planet with this ocean edition.

      Be a part of the #pickabag action!
      No matter if you walk on the beach, in the forest, or Snorkel in the ocean, free our Environment 5 minutes of plastic rubbish.

      The environmental project is not about excessively demanding and rushing over the beach, but simply collecting everything that is in front of your feet. You'll be amazed at how much rubbish you can gather in such a short time. Five minutes is not a long time, but it is five minutes in which you do something for our environment five minutes, which can change much in the long run.