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What can you do with NFC tags?

Nearly all modern smartphones are capable of reading and writing NFC tags. This post will explain what NFC tags let you do and how to integrate them into your daily life.

#1 Effortlessly open your virtual business card on somebody else's phone with an NFC tag

In recent years, Virtual business cards have gotten very popular. Many free services like Haystack, Switchit, and Inigo allow you to create a digital business card. Digital business cards aren't just cheaper and more environmentally friendly than conventional business cards since they are paperless. They can also accommodate much more information.

However, in my opinion, the single most significant advantage is that you can update outdated personal information at any time.

This is not possible at all on conventional paper business cards. For example, if you changed your phone number, all business cards you have handed out with this number would state an incorrect phone number.

In order to update it, you would have to reach out to every single person you have given your business card to in the past.

To give somebody your digital business card, all you have to do is tap your NFC tag on their smartphone. It is that easy, and the sky is the limit. If you want to hand out 10000 virtual business cards with your NFC tag in a day, you can do that, and it won't cost you a cent once you have your NFC tag.

If you want to find out how to set up an NFC enabled virtual business card you should check out our post "How to set up a NFC business card" for an easy to follow, illustrated step by step guide.

Sadly most NFC tags aren't very durable and environmentally friendly and often look cheap. The ones that look good are often tied to a monthly subscription fee, and you can't rewrite them yourself.

We love technology and are passionate about removing plastic from the oceans. That's why we have created the AgentSmart™️ NFC multitool.

The AgentSmart™️ is affordable, and there is no monthly subscription charge. You can effortlessly rewrite your tag as often as you like. Technology is meant to bring you forward, so why should we hold you back?

You won't believe us that AgentSmart™️ is made from recycled plastic bottles, and we are very proud of that!

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#2 Instantly open a website on a smartphone with your NFC tag

Just touch your NFC tag on the smartphone, and it will launch a website that you have set the NFC tag to open.

This might not sound as useful at first, but it certainly can be, especially when you have to open a long or complicated URL regularly.

Another excellent example of this is for website owners that want to promote their website in real life. Or maybe you don't even own a website but often have to get people to open a specific website on their phone for your job. It can be slow and awkward to tell somebody how exactly to spell your website. Some people also rather not have you hold their phone. NFC is the ideal solution to this.

You tap your NFC tag on their phone, and they can start browsing your website straight away. This makes a very organized and professional first impression and positively affects how others perceive you and your website, product, or service.

#3 instantly open any of your social media profiles on somebody else's phone with your NFC tag

This is super convenient for the same reasons as opening websites with NFC tags.

Social media user names can be rather odd, and depending on the platform, user accounts can be hard to find.

If you often give out your social media account handles, you should consider getting an NFC tag. This will save you a lot of time and will leave a great impression.

#4 open an app with your NFC tag

This is great if you wrote an app and want to promote it in person or promote apps for your job.

It's super convenient and shows how techy you are, and leaves a memorable impression in any business meeting.

Obviously, you can also use this on your own phone to launch any app that you have installed.

#5 Control smart home devices with your NFC tag

Like voice control, you can use NFC tags to trigger home automations or turn smart home devices on and off.

The main advantage here is that it is entirely silent and doesn't require you to talk to an AI that also quite possibly is spying on you.

Furthermore, NFC tags are, in my opinion, more reliable and faster to trigger smart home devices. Often, voice control doesn't understand what you said or even misunderstands you when there are other people talking or music playing. NFC doesn't have that problem and will work no matter how much ambient noise there is.

#6 Share media and digital marketing materials with your NFC tag

Cloud storage has gotten much more affordable and convenient in the past years. Files and media are mainly exchanged over the internet these days. Long gone are the days of USB pen drives.

In some cases, you might still want to hand somebody digital files in a physical form without buying an external drive. This might be because you don't have their personal information to send the files to them, or you want to give them a physical thing that reminds them to look at your media.

A Photographer can be a great example of this. In order to save money, photographers usually use cloud services like dropbox to store and deliver their photos and videos to their customers. The main problem with digital photos is that we don't have a physical reminder of them and quickly entirely forget about their existence. Having a nice-looking NFC tag that automatically opens the photos in dropbox is a great way to remind people of your business and the photos you took for them.

Pro tip:You can have your logo printed on the AgentSmart™️. Just head over to our B2B page and enter the email you want us to reach out to in the contact form.

#7 Connect your phone to your car by tapping your NFC tag

Just tap your phone to an NFC tag in your car, and you will instantly be connected. This saves a lot of time and could even be done while driving since it doesn't require you to look at the screen.

#8 Trigger any smartphone automation with your NFC tag

Do you frequently run automations on your smartphone? Just trigger them with an NFC tag.

#9 Connect your smartphone to your Bluetooth speaker by tapping your NFC tag

Connecting your phone to a speaker can be annoying when you want to listen to music straight away. It's a lot faster to connect to your speaker with an automation triggered by an NFC Tag.

#10 Trigger your phone with your NFC tag to start navigation to a predefined address

Just tap your NFC tag on your phone, and it will navigate you home or wherever you have set it to.

#11 Add yourself as a contact in somebody else's phone by tapping the NFC tag

Manually adding your name and phone number into somebody's phone contacts was yesterday. Using an NFC tag is an excellent way of giving somebody else your contact information. It is swift, you don't have to hold on to the other person's phone, and it also works in boisterous places like a nightclub or concert.